$15,000 Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Launch Contest Results! Who won the prizes?

Thanks to all who participated in the “$15,000 Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Launch Contest!”

We saw many new faces for this contest! See your names posted below! We appreciate the hard work on making a strong effort the last few days of the contest.

Congratulations to everyone who made it on the leaderboard. Prizes and sales totals based on your overall sales for the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle product at the $49 price point. We tallied each sale within the contest rules (1 sale per customer per credit card) from Thursday, June 30th at 12:01am EDT through Monday June 11th, 11:59pm (midnight) EST.

Here are the Results! (Tie breaker rule was in effect)

1st Place: Shaqir Hussyin (Diamond) 32
2nd Place: John Chow(Diamond)  27
3rd Place: Paul Omahony  (Diamond) 23
4th Place: Abid Shah (Titanium) 18
5th Place: Louqman Memi (Platinum) 13
6th Place: Jason Stone (Diamond) 11
7th Place: Redshift Digital Marketing (Diamond) 8
8th Place: Ancel Fernandes (Titanium) 6
9th Place: Julia Lindley (Diamond)  5
10th Place: Torsten Buder (Diamond) , Mariam Long (Platinum) 4

And congrats to everyone who earned the Double Commission Bonus!

3 Sales
Al LeBlanc, Lloyd Youngblood, Nick Pratt, Oscar Gonzalez

2 Sales
Lucia Zah, Leslie Lafferty

1 Sale
Lisette Schudel, Mike J Anthony, Michelle Rugino, Wing Chung Ho, Michael Cairns, Jill Veverka, Franka Peels, Jason Yeoh, Marcus Brandon, Robert Aitchison, Eric Nilson, Abidul Islam, Scott Lofthouse, Irfan Jameel, Dee McCovery, George Goff, Deborah Robertson, Venkata & Harpal, Ian Billingham, Sean Lim, Kevin Fry, James Abe, Karen Heaton, Adrian Keitch, Andreas Boenisch, Gina Ruggieri, Steven Bransfield, Nimi Patel

Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate you for getting behind what we’re doing here at MOBE.

Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd

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* Note: the final results were based on tracking and sales based in the Official Contest Rules.   Your overall sales may appear higher than the contest totals based on duplicates, level 2 sales, and any sales you made under your own affiliate links.

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