Traffic Coaching Training Center

It’s Time For You To Get Into "The Marketing Game!"

This is where the fun begins! It’s time to get you out of “Learning Mode” and into “Action Mode.”
The following video training series are designed to get you setup as quickly as possible and take you on the
“Quickest Path To Profits” for your MOBE business.

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Traffic Coaching Training Center

Watch all the videos in order and follow along completing each task described in the video before moving on to the next video.

If your traffic coach assigned this to you as homework, do not schedule your next session with them until you have watched all these videos and completed all the steps.

Prerequisite: Computer Basics & Internet Terms

Watch as needed if the below concepts are new to you.

Section Notes -Series 1

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Notes & Resources

Module 5. Setting Up Your Aweber Autoresponder & First Email List
Click Here To Purchase Your AWeber Account

Module 6. Inserting Your Buyer Follow Up Emails Into Aweber

Follow the instruction in the video to copy the Aweber campaign code below and paste into your personal Aweber account:


If you have another autoresponder besides Aweber, click the button below to access the Buyer Follow Up Series and copy and paste these emails into your own autoresponder account.

Click To Access Email Templates If You Do Not Use AWeber

Module 8. How To Use Your Buyer Follow Up Checklist
Click To Download The Buyer Follow Up Checklist

Did You Complete All Of The Series 1 Action Steps?

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  • Have you signed up and paid your $19.95 fee to be an active MOBE Consultant? Click here to sign up
  • Do you have a custom domain name set up?
  • Did you mask forward your MOBE consultant link to your domain name?
  • Do you have a business email account setup?
  • Do you have your autoresponder account setup?
  • Have you created your first list in your autoresponder?
  • Have you inserted your emails into your autoresponder?
  • Did you customize the emails to sound more like you?
  • Have you downloaded the “Buyer Checklist” to your computer?
  • When your buyers hit your back office did you add them into your autoresponder?

Did You Complete All Of The Series 2 Action Steps?

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1. Did you get your funnel setup using the special Clickfunnels share link your coach gave you?

2. Have you connected your Clickfunnels account to your Aweber (or other autoresponder account)?

3. Did you customize all your funnel pages in the appropriate places including your name at the bottom of each page?

4. Did you add the email integration on your capture page and choose the correct email list?

5. Did you put your affiliate link to the sales page in the button on the thank you / bridge page?

6. Did you get your domain name setup and active inside your Clickfunnels account?

7. Did you test your site using a different email address that you have access too?

8. Did your site work correctly and did the test lead show up in your autoresponder account?

9. Do you know the "pain and pleasure points" of your avatar?

10. Do you know what your marketing strategy is moving forward to generate leads?

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