Win 5 Days In Paradise By Making Just 3 Silver Masterclass Sales In The Next 30 Days!

Announcing our first Contest of 2017!

Win 5 Days In Paradise By Making Just 3 Silver Masterclass Sales In The Next 30 Days!

We’re going to kick things off in 2017 by holding one of the most exciting contests we’ve ever done.

Exciting because ANYONE and EVERYONE can win the prize, which is 5 nights at MOBE’s brand new Costa Rican Beach Resort.

All you have to do is make just 3 Silver Masterclass sales, and you’ll have 30 days to do it!

Set on 8 acres of pristine beachfront land, the resort is one of the most incredible holiday destinations you’ll ever experience.

Once you win your 5 night stay, you’ll have the rest of 2017 to use the holiday. Just let us know what dates you want, and we’ll have your room ready. Your accommodation and food is all on me!

On top of that, if you make just 5 Silver Masterclass sales, I’ll pay for a guest of yours to come stay as well.

And if you can get to just 8 Silver Masterclass sales, I’ll pay your flights for BOTH of you and your guests too!

The Contest starts on the 10th of January at 12.01pm, and goes to the 10th of February midnight (EST).


The rules are real simple. The sales only count if fully paid for within the 30 day contest period.

It doesn’t matter how you make the sales – they can be from one of our numerous 21 Step System funnels, like MTTB, UDCL, 45 Minute Paydays, Internet Funnel System, Top Tier Side Income, etc.

They could come from the Limitless free book funnel.

Or the Home Business Summit live event.

You could even do your own webinar, and
sell the Silver Masterclass directly.


Any and all your Silver Masterclass sales will count, regardless of what funnel they came from.

Advice For Doing Well And Making At Least 3 Sales:

One of the easiest ways to increase sales, is to offer an insanely valuable bonus.

Remember, each sale is worth $1,250 in commissions to you.

So if you had to spend $100 on a bonus to make a $1,250 commission, you’d still keep $1,150.

If you had to spend even $500 on the bonus, you’d still be left with $750 in your pocket.

Offer the most irresistible bonus you can. Just write out 3 things in your bonus offer:

Here’s what I’ve got
Here’s what it will do for you
Here’s what to do next

Don’t overcomplicate this. If you’ve got a blog, make a simple one page bonus post. If you don’t have a blog, just write out your bonus and send it out in your next email, or, just put it on Facebook.

Remember, before people buy they usually need to see the offer at least 7 times, so the key is consistency. Get your first Silver Masterclass sale as soon as you can, and you only have 2 left to get your free 5 Day holiday in Paradise.

Leaderboard updates and email swipe copy will be provided to your inbox every few days, so keep an eye out for my emails.


Here is the link to promote Silver Masterclass:

(be sure to add your own Affiliate ID)

A few notes to remember:

#1 – All sales must be paid in full during the the contest period.

#2 – Accommodations at the resort are inclusive of food and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will be available at your own expense.

#3 – If your holiday dates coincide with a MOBE Mastermind event (if space is available), those training sessions will not be available to contest winners. We will need to confirm your holiday dates with you so we have at least 60 days notice.

#4 – Airline fees, if applicable, to be reimbursed via eWallet up to a maximum $700 USD per person.


Questions? Comments?