New MOBE Backoffice + 12 hours left in our $20K contest for $1 trial offer


Before I tell you about the new MOBE consultant backoffice …

We’re down to less than 13 hours before the end of our big contest to see who can get the most sales in our new $1 Trial offer. Participation has been great in this contest. Not only have we seen our regulars promoting this offer, we have seen lots of new names on the leaderboards. I want to thank each of you for promoting.


Who will win the top prizes in our $20,000 Contest for
‘7 Figure Freedom Formula?’


After close to 2 weeks, this contest is almost over. It’s insanely close right now. There’s less than 4 $1 trials separating 1st and 2nd places.

Before I give you the leaderboards … here’s one final look at the 20k in prizes you can win if you make it into the Top 10:

1st Place: 40 Sales
Shaqir Hussyin

2nd Place: 34 Sales (just 6 x $1 sales from catching Shaqir!)
Venkata & Harpal

3rd Place: 14 Sales
John Chow

4th Place: 12 Sales
Dean Broadwater, Richard Takemura

5th Place: 10 Sales
Jason Stone

6th Place: 9 Sales
Steven Bransfield

7th Place: 8 Sales
Chris & Susan Beesley

8th Place: 6 Sales
Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

9th Place: 5 Sales
David Franzen

10th Place: 4 Sales
Redshift Digital Marketing, Chad Arrington

The contest officially ends at 11:59pm EDT on Thursday, December 15th.

If you want to get in on the action and promote, you’ll find your link below. Remember, each sale results in your client being given access to our famous 21 Step course. The back-end commissions range from $1,250 right up to $10,000. So this is the perfect offer to promote right now.

Your Link:

Make sure you replace that last part (YOUR-ID) after the ‘=’ sign with your consultant ID number.

Login to your Consultant Backoffice: Login Here.

Once you’ve logged in, go to the ‘Partners’ option in the menu. Your links are in there. Or just use the link I gave you above, but make sure you have the right ID number to go on the end. If you don’t know it, check your links when you login above, and you’ll notice every single one of them has a number at the end. Use that number.

Remember, there’s just a couple days left, and you only need a few sales to make it into the Top 10!

Want A Pre-Written Email You Can Use To Promote This Offer And Make $1 Sales? Keep Scrolling Down For Today’s Swipe Copy …

New MOBE Consultant Backoffice
Is Almost Ready!

mas-12-15-1I’ve got some great news. For the last few years, one of the major weaknesses here at MOBE for new consultants has been our affiliate backoffice. For someone who’s new to the industry, it wasn’t easy to figure out.

Whether they were looking for their commissions reports, a particular link, or to see what step your buyer is on … there were way too many clicks involved.

So for the last 5 months, we’ve been building a completely new custom IT infrastructure here at MOBE. And it is getting very close to being finished.

mas-12-15-2This includes a completely brand new affiliate backoffice.

When designing it, my major focus stressed to our team was to make it simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

My test is, ‘if I was to give this to my mother, could she figure this out?’

If she can, then it’s easy enough to use (mom if you’re reading this, no offence).

mas-12-15-3I’ve put a few pictures here which show a sneak peak of some of the design concepts. As soon as I have a demo account ready, I will record a short little video and give you a tour.

When we roll this out (aiming to release it in January 2017) it will make everything so much easier for you. You’ll see.

‘As an entrepreneur, how do you stop yourself
from sinking back into an employee mindset?’

In a recent episode of Ask Matt Lloyd, I was asked about mindset and how to avoid reverting back to employee mindset when you are a new entrepreneur.

In the episode, which was recorded Live from the stage during the Diamond Mastermind in Bali with Diamond member Mike Kesselman, I explain some of the differences between working in a job and being an entrepreneur.

I discuss how easy it is to embrace the freedom of being your own boss; however I urge caution against getting to comfortable with not having structure in your day.

I explain the importance of taking responsibility for your own results and offer some tips on how to help you develop habits that will make you accountable and ensure your success.

>>>>Watch the episode Here

Copy, Paste, And Send The Email Below
To Make More 7FFF Sales!

Here’s an email I just wrote, which you can use in your own marketing to get more $1 sales of 7FFF and do well in the final 2 days of our $20,000 contest. Just make sure you put in your correct link so your sales are tracked back to you (see instructions below the email).


Subject: ‘Should I partner up with someone in my online business?’ (Pros Vs. Cons)


From time to time I get asked this question: ‘does it make sense to partner up with another person to build my online business?’

I have mixed feelings about business partnerships and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, most partnerships don’t end well.

Usually in the beginning everything’s rosy, but then at some point both partners want to go in different directions, and this is where things can get messy.

Here’s a few Pros:

1) You get to leverage each others’ strengths.

There’s going to be things you’re very good at, and things you suck at. By having a partner, you get to both make up for some of your weaknesses, and leverage someone elses’ strengths.

For example, you might be very good at the communication side of things—like writing sales copy, or
having 1-on-1 conversations with a prospect to make a sale. Your business partner may be much better at the numbers side of things, like creating ROI reports on the last few traffic sources you paid for, and then allocating where you spend the rest of this month’s marketing budget.

2) Building your business can be a lonely experience.

There’s a lot of time that you’re to spend alone. Sometimes it’s good to have someone to share the journey with you. To be your cheerleader. And vice versa.

Some of the greatest business’s

Think Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most valuable company’s on the planet run by Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

They’ve been working together for decades, and have often said, ‘we’ve had disagreements, but we’ve never had an argument.’ This is an example of what 2 people who are a good fit together can accomplish in business.

Then again, here are a few of the downsides of a partnership:

1) Disagreements. There’s no two ways about it, you’re going to have them.

Most of us entrepreneurs are strong willed people—we believe we’re right, and we know best. When your partner is also strong willed, this can create a lot arguments. Too many of these, and eventually someone is going to want out.

2) One partner feels they’re putting in more effort than the other.

Often, this ends up being true. In the beginning both partners may be putting in an equal amount of work but eventually one person starts to feel they’re doing more than the other.

When they bring this up, it can lead to conflict. And this can be the point where things unravel.

You don’t have to look that far to find famous examples of big business’s that came apart because the partners had a disagreement.

So should you partner up with someone in your online business?

It depends.

If you’re going to do it, here’s a few tips:

1) Get everything in writing. Know upfront who’s responsible for what. Have clear boundaries on which parts of the business you’re responsible for, and which they’re responsible for.

2) Leverage each other’s strengths. They’re going to be much better at certain things than you are. So play to each others strengths.

3) Really get to know each other first. You could be working together for a long time, so you want to know everything you cans about that person, and they about you.

When you do have two people who are a good fit, the results can be amazing.

An example is Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, from Texas.

Together they’ve been able to make over $1 million from just one online income stream (this one HERE).


Michelle has focused on doing the Facebook traffic side of things (most of their leads come from Facebook).

Bill is a master at communicating with prospects, writing copy and putting together funnels.

Together this husband and wife couple have created this incredible synergy, where 1 + 1 = 3.

Watch this short video {INSERT YOUR LINK} to hear more about how they’ve been able to make their business partnership work, and also what kind of lifestyle it’s produced for them.

And if you want to leverage the same income vehicle they are using to make multiple six figures from, then go here.

Whether you have a business partner or not, this income vehicle can work for you. You need at least 30 minutes a day (more is better), and you need to be coachable.

It’s just $1 to get started—go here to begin. {INSERT YOUR LINK}

Speak soon,



Again to get your link for 7FFF, just go to, login, then go to your Affiliate Back office and look for the ‘My Links’ section.

Your unique link for the sales page of 7FFF will be close to the top. Copy and paste it into the message above, and then copy the entire message and put it on Facebook, your blog, and email it out to your audience.

Also you can use this pre-written email as a blog post if you like.

Our Next Mastermind in Jamaica
is going to be a full house!

Registration for Titanium Jamaica
(January 24 — 28, 2017) is NOW OPEN!


Our first mastermind of 2017 will be the Titanium Mastermind in Montego Bay, which is located in Jamaica.

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The registration for this event will end on December 25, 2016.

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Registration for our next
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Platinum Mastermind Puerto Vallarta
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Our 2nd mastermind of 2017 will be the Platinum Mastermind in Puerto Vallarta, which is located in Mexico.


If you’re a Platinum Mastermind member, and you’ve not attended one of these events before, then you can and should attend this one!

After all, you paid for it. Remember, all the food, drinks, accommodation is included—we’ll even pick you up from the airport.

The registration for this event will end on January 15, 2017strong>

Book your flights and register right now at this link:

(The password is platinum.) I hope to see you there!

Well that’s about it for today.

Let’s see who wins the $20k contest for 7FFF. I appreciate you for promoting MOBE.

We’re getting ready for a major 2017. Soon we’ll have a completely new back office for you too, to get all your links, and make your tracking reports MUCH easier to use.

Look forward to showing you that soon in January.

Talk soon,



P.P.S. Let’s connect on Snapchat. Just get the app on your phone, then add me. My username is ‘mattlloydmobe’ (send me a personal message too if you like, and I’ll reply).

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