21 Prizes ($21,000)
For the Most 21 Step System Sales Over The Next 21 Days


Announcing Our Next Consultant Contest for April 2017!

Our next MOBE consultant contest will be for 21 days, and has $21,000 worth of prizes for whoever makes the most 21 Step System sales.

For anyone who gets at least 21 sales, they’ll also get paid a $500 cash bonus!

The Contest Prizes:

1st Prize is a tropical Getaway for 2 at the fabulous MOBE resort. Spend a 7 night holiday on the most luxurious beach in Costa Rica. With stunning views and first class service and accommodations, this will be a holiday you will never forget. There are so many things you can do here. Enjoy riding horses on the beach at sunset, drive ATV’s through the jungle, zipline through the trees, or just laying by the pool. Well, we will fly you and a guest to San Jose Costa Rica, we will provide transportation to the resort (which is about 90 min south of the airport) and you get 7 nights accommodation and food. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime holiday.

2nd price is a Bose Lifestyle Sound Touch home theater entertainment system with professional installation. This audio system will make you feel like you are part of the movies not just watching them.

This is a really interesting prize and the first time we have offered anything like this. The 3rd prize is a MacDonald indoor putting green. This is portable and adjustable putting system allows you to practice your putting in the comfort of your own home. Each end is adjustable to practice slopped putting.

4th prize is the state of the art V-Force air hockey table by Brunswick. This table has state of the art electronic scoring, powder coated railings here. The table comes with a scuff proof surface that stays brilliant even after hours of aggressive play.

Here is a really unique piece of American history. For the 5th prize, it is a 1900’s Restored Line Berry Factory Cart. This restored cart was originally used in an old textile factory in North Carolina. You can use this unique piece as a coffee table or just a really great addition to your home or office.

6th prize is a pair of Epson Moverio, Drone edition, smart glasses complete with preprogrammed controller. These glasses allow you to easily record your drone in flight from the pilot’s perspective. These are the world’s lightest pair of binoculars and they are comfortable enough for all day wear.

7th prize is a really cool SE Tremonti Custom electric guitar. This amazing guitar is has a mahogany body and a wide thin maple neck. This is an amazing guitar with great sound.

For the 8th prize we have an Optoma 1080p 3D gaming projector. Experience games and movies the way you have never seen before on this High Definition gaming projector. This was designed for serious gamers and movie enthusiasts. It delivers a bright HD picture in stunning detail.

For the 9th prize we have a PEAK Inflatable stand up paddle board. This Paddleboard is made from the highest quality military grade PVC. It is a light and durable board you can enjoy all sorts of activities on. Use it for fishing, doing yoga, paddling alone, with your furry friends or with the kids. This would be a great prize for you to win.

The 10th prize is a Nintendo WiiU special edition gaming system with Super Smash Bros and Splatoon pre-installed. This includes a portable Gamepad that allows you to play the Wii U on its screen or on the TV. This set is geared up for hours of fun for the whole family.

A Trueshade portable swinging Hammock complete with pillows, an adjustable canopy, and cup holders. This hammock never needs trees so you can lounge anywhere. Lounge by the pool, out in the yard, or bring the office outside and work.

The 12th prize is a Celstron Nexstar 4 SE telescope. The NexStar 4 SE is the smallest and most portable telescope that comes preprogrammed with the location of over 40,000 celestial objects. Which makes it just right for on the go star gazing.

The 13th prize is a Handmade Bottega del Rame Copper ice bucket. Handcrafted in Italy with local grades of pure copper. This ice bucket is perfect for keeping wine or champagne cool without getting the bottle wet because they keep the cubes in a separate chamber.

Here is a really neat prize that you are going to love. For the 14th prize we have and extra large New York Panorama art print. This is a canvas art print of the majestic city of New York. With the size and quality of this art you will feel like you are there.

15th Prize is a Samsung Gear 360 degree high resolution camera. This is a light weight, compact, water and dust-resistant camera that you can use to take 360 degree videos or use the wide angle lens to take 180 degree shots. Create your own virtual reality with this stunning camera.

For the 16th prize we have state of the art 2nd generation Samsung SmartThing Hub with touchscreen deadbolt. Now you can connect your door locks to your smartphone. Lock and unlock your doors with just a tap on your smartphone.

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearable smartwatch available for men or women. This watch automatically tracks the steps you take, the distance you have gone, the calories you burn, and it tracks your sleep. The body is made from stainless steel and it is water proof so you can wear it while you work out and track your time and activity level. This watch also has a smart button that allows you to wireless play and pause music, take selfies, and control other smart devices.

The ultimate cocktail party on the go. This set is loaded with everything for your party on-the-go. It is a premium leatherette cocktail case with insulated deluxe velvet interior. Comes with 2 martini glasses and everything you need for the perfect drink (except your favorite spirits). Has room to hold 2 bottles of your favorite spirits.

19th Prize is a beautiful Australian Perth mint Phoenix & Dragon error 1 oz silver coin. The right coin is the error and was minted with frosting missing behind the Phoenix head. The left hand coin has frosting behind the Phoenix’ head and to the right is where it was minted without frosting in 2 areas.

20th Prize is a set of Fantasia Brand of salt lamps. They are the best choice for quality and beauty! Fantasia uses only top food grade salt which so pure it is approved by the US FDA for human consumption. This salt purity found in the Fantasia brand leads to superior air purification through the ionization process!

Contest Ends In:


How To Get Your Links To Promote:

You can find your Consultant Links Here.

Promote any offer listed below. Sales from leads using We Sell Good Traffic qualify towards your final total. Click on the logo to get banners, templates, and email swipes:




matt nice image 1Good luck! I look forward to seeing your results and paying out these prizes.

Talk soon,


1.) The Contest officially begins April 6th at 12:00 pm (noon) EDT and goes through April 27th at 11:59 EDT. Leaderboards will be announced about once every day…  Look for updates on the Facebook groups, on the sidebar here at MOBEAffiliateSupport.com, and/or via email.
**Also,  all your buyers MUST purchase directly through your affiliate link, i.e. you can NOT buy for them and add them to your back office at a later time. Any sales made from the pre-launch notification list (who will get a few hours head start) will count.
2.) No spamming & no black hat nonsense. If we notice suspicious activity, like your links getting a TON of leads… but, no sales (e.g. you get over 500 leads, and no sales) then clearly the traffic source is bringing the wrong audience to our offer. This will result in instant disqualification. It’s very important, because we don’t want thousands of unresponsive leads added to our list – that lowers our open rates, increases our spam complaints, and affects our email deliverability… which hurts all our MOBE partners. As long as you use legitimate marketing methods, you should be fine and not have to worry about this.
3.) No bulk buying: eg. you can’t get one person to order 5 copies of the product to try and get more sales … just one per customer please. The customer must also use their own credit card (unless special permission is given by Matt).
4.) For tracking, we go on the last touch, with a slight tweak: if your link was the last link the customer clicked on before ordering, you get credit for the sale… except in the case, where that customer has already bought a MOBE product from another MOBE Licensee. Basically, our affiliate compensation plan tags a buyer to the MOBE Licensee who made them the first sale. We do this because it’s a fairer system: if you are the partner who gets a customer to buy, it’s not fair if you lose all the future commissions from that customer, simply because they clicked someone else’s link while browsing around (which is bound to happen).
5.) If you would like to form a team with a few other partners, you can – but, ALL the sales that count in that teams’ total, must be under one MOBE consultant’s account. You cannot just add sales of two or more separate Consultants together, with two separate accounts and have that count (otherwise it would not be fair). It is up to the team manager to pay their team members the commissions (once received from myself).
6.) If you’re going to promote a bonus, please don’t offer rebates or discounts. Doing so results in price wars – to see who can go the lowest. At the end of the day, the entire industry suffers – you lose your profit margins, and if you can’t survive in business without those margins. As marketers, it’s better to focus on creating more value in your offer, then trying to make an offer more valuable by reducing the price. One of those options has a future, the other doesn’t. Plus, with the work you put in, you deserve to get paid.
7.) A sale counts ONLY if actual money is received for the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle System Application and the sale is completed. A declined purchase does not count. All sales must fall within the competition date range to be counted. Duplicate sales will also only be counted once. So before you question the total sales, please make sure you understand how we get your accurate totals.
8.) If there is a tie-in sale, then we will go to the most MOBE revenue brought in per Consultant (for all MOBE products) during the contest dates.
9.) The cash value of each prize is as follows: 1st: $7,000, 2nd: $X, 3rd: $Y, etc… 21st: $5. The prizes will be paid out in cash to your e-wallet account and you are free to then purchase the prize (or if you prefer, keep the cash).
10.) Only $49 Front End offers included:  My Top Tier Business (MTTB), 45 Minute Paydays, Internet Funnel Systems,  Patriot Funnel Systems, Digital Millionaire System, Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough, Wifi Millionaire System  (not the $3 e-book).

Questions? Comments?