IM Freedom Workshop

Event Details

We hold IM Freedom Worskshops prior to every Home Business Summit event. The IMFWs are live events that are free to attend and they’re short, 2 hour sessions that describe all the advantages & benefits of attending the 3-day Home Business Summit event.

If someone is new to MOBE and registers to attend an IMFW session via your affiliate link, they will be tagged to you. If they decide to purchase a ticket to the upcoming HBS in their area or if they purchase any other MOBE products, you will earn the commission on those sales! It’s a great way to get paid for promoting a free event!

The local IMFW’s are typically held about 10 days prior to an HBS event. There are usually 2 sessions each day, one in the afternoon and another in the evening, and again, all sessions are free to attend! Click HERE to view the IM Freedom Workshop Event Schedule.

Product Logos

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Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to drive traffic to your MOBE affiliate offers. We have a variety of banner ads available for you to promote IMFW.

You should post banner ads on your website or blog if you have one. You can also use them in your emails, or post them anywhere else online that you think would have good quality traffic to send to a MOBE offer.

(Keep in mind that the best types of people to target are those who are already involved in a home business opportunity and/or buy internet marketing training products.)


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Typically, there are a common group of search phrases or “keywords” that people use to search for offers like IMFW.

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Email Swipes

Here some examples of emails you can send out to your list. As we will have lots of people promoting the I.M. Freedom Workshops, it is best advised to change the copy slightly to cater to your audience.

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