New 21 Step offer ‘Laptop Lifestyle System’ offer is LIVE!

Tomorrow at 12pm EST lunchtime, we have a brand new 21 Step offer going live – and its an insanely good one!

Announcing The Laptop Lifestyle System & A $20,000+ Contest To Promote It!

The sales video for this offer is very powerful – you can watch it here.

The offer features Carolina Millan, who I first met way back in 2011.

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Getting to 100k / month in this industry …

I am often asked how to scale your business from 5 to 6 figures a month.

When I think back to the late 2011, that’s when I first surpassed $45,000/month (December 2011), and then the year after most of the months I was doing above $100,000 in revenue.

That was possible because I learned one multimillion dollar lesson: it’s not about getting more traffic or cheaper traffic, it is about building a more efficient selling process.

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How to handle the “I don’t have the money” objection …

One of the most common objections you will ever get in sales and marketing is, “I just don’t have the money right now.”

So what can you say to overcome this objection and help them accomplish their goal of upgrading?

First of all, money is rarely the issue, even if the prospect thinks it is.

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Promoting the IMF’s: how to increase your show ratios


A great sales funnel to promtoe in MOBE are the IMF – HBS live events. The cost to get front-end buyers for this funnel are higher than most online offers we have. But the average commissions made per buyer, are much higher than most of our online funnels.

When promoting the IMFs (which stands for ‘Internet Marketing Freedom’ workshop), you should not just assume the person who has clicked on your link registered will actually show up.

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Winners of the $20,000 BIS contest announced (and new MOBE Motors recipient)

MOBE Milestones is a rewards program where we give custom-made rings and other prizes to our Top Earners. These stunning rings are made of sterling silver, white gold and platinum, and feature exquisite diamond side stones, and large center gemstones including sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and alexandrite.

We present 12 different MOBE Rings to consultants when they cross commission milestones ranging from $10,000 to $7.5 million. At our highest level, we present a President’s Gold Rolex watch to partners who cross $10 million in total commissions.

We are working on updating the Rewards page in your back office so it will show which ones you have qualified for.

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The first 15k day I ever had in this industry, and the surprising use of that money …


I still remember my first really big commission… It was $15,000 for my first high-ticket sale, way back in early 2010.

And then I spent it ALL – on marketing! (Google Adwords back then). But why would I do that?

Because in my mind, marketing is not “spending” money… It’s actually an “investment” into your education and your future.

And whether you like it or not, every marketer must go through this mindset shift at some point.

You need to be willing to put something on the line, and commit a certain dollar amount every month to marketing your business.

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New super affiliate cash bonus program now LIVE

Today, we are launching a new incentive program – Top Earner Cash Bonus – to get more top super affiliates onboard. These are the people who can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month who already have large affiliate marketing business’s.

One of your goals as a MOBE Consultant should be to get a super affiliate on your team – because you’ll get to make a 5% residual on ALL their sales.

New incentive programs like this will help you to get them excited to join MOBE.

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$3.8m earner in MOBE offering free training (no strings attached)


Remember how I’ve always said that you should be putting most of your time into high leverage marketing activities?

Let’s talk about one of them you can start doing immediately: webinars.

If you’ve already tried running some (and you definitely should), you might have had a tough time actually preparing the content for the presentation.

The hardest part of a webinar is putting the content and slides together, because most people don’t know what to say or where to say it.

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2 things you need to do well in MOBE + new incentive program to attract super affiliates


Very soon, MOBE is launching a new incentive program to attract the world’s top super affiliates.

These are the people who can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars without too much effort. They are established marketers, with established brands and large responsive lists.

The bonus will be cash, and lots of it.

The more they make, the more the % increase in their bonus will be.

Next week you’ll get the details of this.

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NEW 21 Step offer ‘Borderless Income System’ and 20k contest just went live!

This is exciting, and just launched!

New 21 Step Offer ‘Borderless Income System’ Just Launched, Along With A $20,000+ Contest For The Top 20 Producing Consultants!

The latest 21 Step offer, Borderless Income System, features Ewen Chia from Singapore.

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