Furniture shopping in Mexico, and how to get the important things done…

The last two weeks have been crazy – but in a good way.

Between speaking at our 3 day group mentorship program, then our Titanium Mastermind, I took a trip over to Guadalajara, Mexico, to go furniture shopping!

Not for a house or office, but for the new MOBE Resort.

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Update + photos from Day 2 of the Titanium Mastermind, Costa Rica

Right now we have our 2nd Titanium Mastermind of 2017 happening in Costa Rica, and it’s going incredibly well.

People have invested $10,000 into this program and traveled from all around the world, to learn how to take their business’s to the next level.

That’s the theme of each Titanium; scaling.

How do you take a business from 4 figures… to 5 figures… to 6 figures… and way beyond.

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Which is better to promote? 21 Steps, or, Live Events?

So which is better for making you more sales – promoting MOBE’s live events, or, promoting the online 21 Steps?

The answer is you should promote BOTH.

Let me explain why…

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Getting $1,250 commissions upfront by promoting Silver on the front-end…

Today I want to talk to you about a question I was asked recently:

“If I wanted to skip promoting the 21-steps and go straight for the Silver Masterclass sale and higher, is that a good idea? And what would be the best way to do it?”

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How To Do Your Own Live Events (step-by-step)

So today I’m going to teach you a few lessons about putting on your own events. You may have zero desire to ever run your own live events – but, there are few methods which can take you from earning 5 figures to 6 (and even 7) figures in this business faster than doing your own events.

So here’s a few things to know about doing your first one in your local area.

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What exactly is ‘qualified’ traffic for MOBE – and other important info…

How are your promotions going lately? Are you consistently placing ads every single day, getting qualified clicks from qualified prospects?

I wanted to talk to you for a second about what ‘qualified’ actually means.

Lets take the 21 Step offer funnels for example. A qualified prospect is one who is actively looking for a solution to making money online from home.

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Something Big Is About to Happen In MOBE…

My CFO thinks I’m Crazy to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Next Wednesday I’ll reveal how you can get back 100% of your tuition you’ve invested in MOBE’s core programs (Silver up to Diamond).

This is not just marketing hype – I’m being 100% serious.

It will be at 9pm Eastern time on the 13th, and I’m doing this live webinar one time only.

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$21,000 In Prizes Over 21 Days For the Most 21 Step System Sales (New Contest)

I just filmed this video for you on the beachfront of the MOBE Resort while the sun was setting:

It explains an exciting new contest we’re doing this month, for anyone who promotes a MOBE 21 Step offer.

There’s 21 prizes, with a total value of $21,000. See them all here.

And the best part is, anyone can win a prize.

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New monthly record (3m paid out) + 22 y/o makes 102k in March with MOBE

March is now officially over, and wow… what a month.

MOBE has now been running officially since early 2011. We’ve had an amazing ascent so far – year after year, we’ve seen growth.

But never did I expect to see the kind of numbers we just experienced in March.

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Furniture shopping adventure…

We are now past the half way point at our first Diamond Masterind of the year. We’ve got a group of really committed consultants here.

I’ll explain how I know that… a couple days back I was on stage, teaching how to create webinars.

Webinars are one of the fastest ways to bring in a huge surge of cash, when done right.

Before I started teaching, I asked the audience, “who’s done a webinar before?”

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