Hiring your first staff (video) + LEADERBOARDS for 3 holidays to my Fiji Island

So lets talk about hiring staff.

Maybe you’ve looked at hiring your first virtual assistant, and even placed a few ads on upwork.com.

Or maybe you already have 10+ full time staff working for you.

Whatever size business you have, if you want to scale, you need to get help.

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How to make more, without spending more on traffic (+ LEADERBOARDS for FIJI)

I’m sure you’ve heard me say; “the fortune is in the follow-up.”  I believe that over 75% of a persons results in business will come down to how well they follow up.  The ability to go and get new leads / customers is critical, but it’s not the most important thing.  Follow-up is.

So many new MOBE Consultants don’t know how to follow up with their customers – and so if that’s you, then watch this video below right now.  I was asked about handling unsubscribes, but went on to talk about the power of good follow-up.

Remember, your email list is a real asset.  If you cultivate it the right way, you could make back-end sales for years to come.

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You, me, and the top coaches in MOBE on an island in Fiji

I am genuinely excited to launch this new sales contest for the month of July! 

It’s going to be short and sweet; just 10 days long, and starts tomorrow (the 12th).

Not only are there 15 amazing prizes up for grabs, but I’m also inviting the 3 top MOBE Consultants to come stay on my new island in Fiji to network and mastermind with the top sales professionals in MOBE. 

You can see a photo of the island here…

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Update From Fiji and Access to the NEW Consultant Dashboard

I am here in Fiji and I thought it would be fitting to give you an update on the island project.

This project is gaining momentum everyday and I am getting closer to owning the island.

After the first of the year I flew to Fiji to look at this island and I decided to go ahead with the island purchase. I had several months of paperwork to prepare and submit.

Two days ago I had to fly to Fiji to negotiate some of the details in person.

We had already completed and submitted our due diligence paperwork and put down a large deposit on the island and now we are working on the next steps of negotiating and planning.

While I am here in Fiji I am staying at the Radison Blue, which has special meaning for me because we had our very first Platinum Mastermind here in 2013.

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WINNERS of the $35,000 contest announced in this email…

Since the end of 2016 MOBE has been growing rapidly, and we are on track for the biggest year in MOBE history. There are many things going on at the same time, so today I wanted to telll you a bit more about what’s happening behind the scenes and what’s in it for you as a MOBE consultant.

We’re aiming at running at least 3 HBSs and Supercharge Summits every weekend in the US, Asia and Europe. We are also looking into expanding our reach and opening up some new markets, such as Canada and separately Australia.

On top of that, I’ve ventured into couple of large projects that require serious investments.

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WSGT – how to bump up conversions so you get a higher return…

Wanted to talk to you about WSGT today… (WeSellGoodTraffic.com)

This is where you can buy ‘buyer leads’ and have them added to your MOBE backoffice, so then they upgrade / buy more stuff, you get paid all those back-end commissions. You get paid on the $49 product they bouht (in most cases you’re paid $44.10, or 90% of the money). We generate the buyer through our own traffic sources, then move them into your account within 2 days of the buyer coming in.

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Lesson: crafting videos that bring in sales + going from 100k –> 1m in this business

9 more days left till guests arrive here in Costa Rica at the brand new Sunset Del Mar Resort, for our Titanium Mastermind.

I’m counting down the days because we have our brand new lobby and 11 more rooms to finish off before they get here.

This will be our 2nd mastermind held at the resort – which looks very different from where it was even just 3 weeks ago.

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Main factors in getting to a 100m+ company (and how to use in your business)

Today I wanted to talk to you about the key factors that helped MOBE to be a hundred million dollar company today.

MOBE started in 2011, and it’s been a very fast growing company from day one – a very wild ride the whole time. So let me explain the top-three things that launched MOBE up to over $100 million in sales since starting…

The most important factor in MOBE’s success has been creating relationships with the right people – I think that has been the number one contributing factor.

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The right way to follow up with your leads + UK consultant gets a BMW


Do you want to know the biggest difference between 5 figure and 6 income earners in MOBE?

It’s how well they follow up with their leads.

When you know how to connect, influence, and motivate your prospects to buy (and you do that on top of what MOBE does), then you can literally triple the ROI you get on every ad buy.

The follow up can be either to your front-end buyers (those leads who just bought their first MOBE product through your link), or to your leads. Or of course, to both.

If I were starting out in this industry again, the big thing I’d do differently this time around would be focus much less on getting lots of new leads, and focus a lot more on following up well with the ones I had.

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What numbers should you pay attention to in your MOBE business?


So one of the most asked questions I get is, “Matt, what stats should I be checking in my MOBE business to stay on track?”

I used to think I needed to know all my numbers; click through rates, opt-in rates, CPC’s, how many impressions an ad had had, etc.

In this short video below, I show you the most important numbers to watch each day.

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