5 days done, 5 more days to go… (update from Diamond)

It’s been a long day.

Today was Day 5 here at the Diamond Mastermind.

As you probably know, a big part of this mastermind is getting a lot of marketing assets created, which can be used by the attendees (all MOBE consultants) to promote their business.

So for example, we create a co-branded ebook and a co-branded automatic webinar.

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Use this Done-For-You blog post / email to make your next sale…

The Second Annual MOBE Leaders’ Retreat is now in the history books and I’m aready thinking of ways to make the next one even better.

We had some of our top earners here for 5 days, and we not only shared some top secret marketing strategies with each other; but we had a lot of fun doing challenging activies and we making some great video marketing assets, too.

I am considering making this a bi-annual event, so you will have lots of opportunities to join us.

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These 15 people have collectively made over 20m with MOBE… (see photo)

So for the past 4 days I’ve been masterminding with the top earners in MOBE.

Collectively, the people here with me for the MOBE Leaders Retreat have made over $20 million in commissions over the past 5 years.

We just had one of them speak who set a new record for weekly commissions earned ($233,000) recently. He shared exactly where his team gets traffic from, and it was an eye opening session for even the other million dollar earners in the room.

Each day we have about 3 hours of training where each top earners share exactly what they’re doing to produce sales.

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Overcoming fear of speaking at live events + Costa Rica Leaders Retreat update

Here in Costa Rica, we just had the welcome dinner for our MOBE Leaders Retreat.

Anyone who’s made over 100k in MOBE is invited – and we do one of these every year.

At this one we have people like John Chow, who’s made over 2.5m with us, Shaqir who’s done over 3m, Carolina Millan who’s done close to 600k, and others. We also have Mike Williams coming in, and he’s made well over 17m with MOBE (he and his business partners are our current top earners).

We also have people who just crossed 100k as well, and are now officially 6 figure earners in MOBE. I was just talking to one of these people at dinner (Feza Sengul) and he’s been able to get to his first 6 figures in MOBE with no paid advertising – instead he’s made all of that from posting on Facebook!

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These 2 guys literally just made 233K in 7 days with MOBE (picture)

See these guys here in this pic?

If you don’t know who they are, they are long time Diamond Consultants of MOBE.

Mike Antoni on the left, and Mike Williams on the right.

Regular guys who got started in our industry quite a few years back, didn’t know anything, but were committed to learning the business.

They’ve just set an all time new record for the highest amount of commissons made in one week in MOBE.

They made $233,000!

That’s for 7 days of promoting. It does not refer to gross sales – that is the actual amount in commissions they they had wired to them.

Of course, results are not typical! Not even remotely.

But I wanted to share this with you, just for inspiration.

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FIJI + March Madness $20,000 prize pool…

Bula from Fiji! (if you’ve been to Fiji you’ll know what that means).

I’m here, working on a deal that’s now 10 months in progress… it’s for MOBE’s second resort.

The place I’m wanting to get is incredible; it’s actually on a small island we’d have to ourselves.

So I’ve been meeting with bankers, accountants, and also the main land board here which approves foreign investors to see if I can make this happen.

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‘Missed Flight’ update…

Right now I’m supposed to be 40,000 feet up in the air on the way to Fiji. But of course I missed my flight (because I was distracted working on my business) – so I’m here at the Singapore airport for the next 7 hours.

It’s not a problem though, because I needed to let you know about a few important updates.

Our March Contest is Underway – Earn up to $20,000 in Prizes to Promote the new MOBE Home Business Summit Events

March is here, and the new contest has officially begun. And you could get your share of the $20,000 prize pool for promoting MOBE events.

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Announced: 15 top winners of the ‘WiFi Millionaire’ 20K contest… (video)

So finally, the results to the big ‘WiFi Millionaire’ promotion contest that lasted 2 weeks are ready to announce.

Watch this short video to see who the 15 top earners were.

All up we had over 1,850 sales of the ebook.

Close to 1/4 of them were brought in by the person who won the contest (see who at that link above).

A LOT of people were able to generate a commission promoting this offer.

And now the back-end sales are starting to come in as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate all of the hard work you do supporting and promoting MOBE.

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Spent 6k promoting LA HBS – made back 42k

Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. We had 2 Home Business Summits on the weekend (one in Singapore and one in LA) and both produced near record numbers.

Between them, we will pay out over $250,000 to the MOBE consultants who promoted them. We even had a 22 year old MOBE consultant who spent 6k on Facebook ads make 42k in commissions just from LA (and he happens to be a MOBE Mentor too).

To keep the momentum going and give you some extra incentive to promote all the HBS events, I’m launching a new contest for MARCH …

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$20,000+ In Prizes For Home Business Summit Contest In March (10k Cash 1st Prize)

Contest Ends In: Announcing our Next Consultant Contest for March 2017! Our next consultant contest will be a month long, and will pay out over $20,000 in prizes to whoever gets the most Home Business Summit ticket sales. All you have to do is to promote the IMF Workshops and/or the HBS directly for the…

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