NEW! $20,000 In Prize Money Up For Grabs Promoting The “7 Figure Freedom Formula”

Contest Ends In:


Hello MOBE Consultants!

 It’s time for a NEW contest! And for this one, it’s for ALL MOBE Consultants!

We are doing a brand new-front end offer that will change the industry and help even the newest of consultants get sales!


The Contest Dates:

The contest officially begins Thursday, December 1st at 12:00pm EDT
and ends at 11:59pm EDT on Thursday, December 15th.


Here’s The Offer:

(Click Here to View the Sales Page in a New Window)

This is a completely new offer.

The industry has not seen this offer yet, so when you promote you’ll be among the first to share it with your audience (conversions are always highest when an offer is new and unseen).

The price point is $49, which is actually an ‘application fee.’

You send clients to the 7FFF page, and the clients can sign up for a $1 trial of the 21 Steps for 7 days.

As the order goes through for the $1 Trial, the client meets with a coach, and starts into the 21 steps. Once the client sees the value of the program, they can then finish the training and pay the remaining balance of $48 on the 7th day.

When the customer buys, they get access to a 21 Step system (just like MTTB, IFS, 45 Min Paydays) and they work with one our phone coaches.

We introduce them to affiliate marketing and teach them the fundamentals (like offer selection, and how to drive traffic).

We then show them the MOBE consultant program and all the advantages it offers (like high ticket commissions, done-for-you phone sales, event funnels, etc).

If they want to get involved, then they’ll have the opportunity to purchase these additional programs—and you’ll make the commissions (from $1,250 – $10,000)

We are using our new merchant account software (which was put into effect recently) to keep the decline rates as low as possible. The current decline rate on our front-end offers like this is at the lowest it’s ever been.

Here Is What The Pages Look Like:


Plus, download your MOBE Sites—7 Figure Freedom Formula Premium Featured Templates!

(Click Here to Download the Simple Lead Page in a New Window)


(Click Here to Download the Survey Style Lead Page in a New Window)


The Commissions:

Commission is 90% on the $1 and ($0.90) and 90% on the $48 ($43).

So here’s how it works:

You send clients to the 7 Figure Freedom Formula sales page. The client pays $1 trial to get started and $48 on day 7.


Contest Scoring:

You receive 1 point per unique sale per customer (see complete rules and details below). You receive the point AFTER the client pays $48 on day 7.


 The Contest Prizes:

Here are the other prizes for the top 10 in sales! (See official rules at the bottom of page for minimum sales requirements.)

1st Prize ($6,000)
All Inclusive Vacation in Whitehouse, Jamaica
or $6,000 Cash!  


Sandals has designed the perfect combination of European civility and an all-beachfront tropical resort. Sandals Whitehouse is a majestic beachfront oasis within a 500-acre nature preserve. Strolling along a grand piazza lined with bistros, restaurants, cafés and bars, it’s easy to forget you’re in the Caribbean. Three distinctive European Villages—French, Italian and Dutch—are set along a two-mile stretch of beach where you can watch both the sunrise and sunset each day. (Minimum 50 Sales)


2nd Prize ($4,000)
Tag Heuer “His & Hers” Watch Collection
or $4,000 Cash!


Formula 1 superstars from Ayrton Senna to Jenson Button have required a high performance watch to fit the extreme demands of life at 200mph. Directly inspired by high performance F1 automotive technology, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 series has all six characteristics of a professional sports watch, with bold, contemporary style to match today’s lifestyles. Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova helped design the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady. The fashionable mix of steel and ceramic, elevated by the dazzle of diamonds to create watches that are strong and feminine, contemporary and timeless. (Minimum 35 Sales)

3rd Prize ($3,000)
13″ MacBook Pro
or $3,000 Cash!


The Touch Bar and Touch ID has a 2.9GHz Processor, 512GB of storage and a turbo boost up to 3.3GHz. There is 16GB of memory, a 1TB PCIe-based SSD with four Thunderbolt ports.(Minimum 30 Sales)

4th Prize ($2,500)
Samsung 65″ Curved 4K SUHD LED LCD TV
or $2,500 Cash!


A brand new HDR 1000, Quantum Dot Color, Supreme MR 240, Peak Illuminator Pro, Supreme UHD Dimming, Smart TV w/ Streaming, 9 Months of HBO NOW Included.(Minimum 28 Sales) 

5th Prize ($2,000)
Human Touch® Heated Massage Chair
or $2,000 Cash!


The HT-275 ThermoStretvh Heated Massage Chair has 3 invigorating massage programs, 4 Professional Massage Techniques, including a Deep Penetrating Neck Massage and Wide Body Frame for Extra Comfort. This luxurious chair also features, Dual-Lumbar Back Heat, Full-Body Stretch Mode and a Rotating Multi-Speed Foot & Calf Massager with Adjustable Calf-Width Control. (Minimum 25 Sales)

6th Prize ($1,000)
DJI-Phantom 4 Aerial Camera
or $1,000 Cash!


This extraordinary aerial camera droid has a visual sensor to avoid obstacles, an ActiveTrack so it can track moving subjects automatically. It will fly for up to 28minutes at 20 m/s with just the tap of a finger with precise hovering from it’s optimized vision positioning system.(Minimum 20 Sales) 

7th Prize ($500)
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 DLX Hoverboard
or $500 Cash!


TheRazor Hovertrax 2.0 DLX Hoverboard—Exploring the neighborhood has never been easier or more fun! Whether heading out for coffee, to the office, or just for a joyride, the Razor Hovertrax™ 2.0 DLX Hover Board makes your cruise simple, safe, and enjoyable.(Minimum 15 Sales) 

8th Prize ($500)
Hero 5 Black GoPro
or $500 Cash!

HERO5 Black is the most powerful and easy to use GoPro ever, thanks to its 4K video, voice control, one-button simplicity, touch display and waterproof design. With 64 GB SD Card.(Minimum 10 Sales) 

9th Prize ($300)
Big Blue Party™ In/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
or $300 Cash!


Big Blue Party™ Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Tag Heuer and party inside. Party outside. With a water-resistant exterior, easy-grip carry handle and a rechargeable battery, you can party just about anywhere. The top-mounted bass/treble and volume controls allow easy adjustment. When it’s time to recharge, the included AC adapter works with any standard outlet. So you can take your music where the fun is. (Minimum 8 Sales)

10th Prize
Set Of Steak Knives!


No other steak knife has the style and feel of a Farberware. This is a style of knife that is a worthy investment you will have forever. (Minimum 5 Sales)

How To Get Your Links To Promote:

Here are your Affiliate Links for 7 Figure Freedom Formula:


Sales Letter – Hybrid (Video & Written)

Sales Letter – Video Only

Sales Letter – Written

Order Page

You can get banners, templates and resources here

If you’re not yet a MOBE Consultant, you can become one here:

MOBE Consultant sign up.

NOTE: If you’re already a MOBE Consultant, please do not sign up as an consultant again—you don’t need to. Simply login here:

Member Back-Office

You will be able to find your affiliate link in your HasOffers back office under:
Offer ID: 1690

Just add your unique Affiliate ID number on the end where it reads “xxxxx” to promote. Remember to always check you link is working before placing ads!

You are also able to find your affiliate links in Has Offers under offer code “1690” or by searching “7 Figure Freedom Formula” in the Offer search field.

7 Figure Freedom Formula search

Some Advice For Doing Well:

With this offer having a $1 trial on the front-end, you can try multiple traffic sources.

Some ideas may be:

  • Solo Ads (this offer will be completely new to Solo Ad vendors
  • PPC
  • Facebook Ads PPC
  • Banner Ads
  • Ad Swaps

Solo Ads:

You can send out a solo ad like this:

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Good luck! I look forward to seeing your results and paying out these prizes.

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matt nice image 1

1.) The Contest officially begins Thursday December 1st at 12:00pm (noon) EDT and ends at 11:59pm EDT on Monday December 15th at 11:59pm EDT.
2.) Partners will receive cash value rather than actual prizes. All cash values are in USD, and will be paid out to eWallet in 7-14 days after the contest to account for the 7-days for only $7 for this offer. The hard good values are: Grand Prize: $7,000 / 2nd Place: $4,000 / 3rd place: $3,000 / 4th place: $2,500 / 5th place: $1,250 / 6th place: $750 / 7th place: $500 / 8th place: $300 / 9th place: $200 / 10th place: a set of steak knives.
3.) You must generate a minimum number of sales in order to qualify for contest prizes. The number of sales needed for each prize is as follows: 1st place – 50 sales, 2nd place – 35 sales, 3rd place – 30 sales, 4th place – 28 sales, 5th place – 25 sales, 6th place – 20 sales, 7th place – 15 sales, 8th place – 10 sales, 9th place – 8 sales, 10th – 5 sales. Your own purchase of 7 Figure Freedom Formula does not count towards your total sales (eg. you can’t buy through your own affiliate link as your sponsor will get the credit). We may decrease the minimum requirements needed for prizes based on the pace, but we will not increase the minimum requirements.
**Also,  All your buyers MUST purchase directly though your affiliate link, i.e. you can NOT buy for them and add them to your back office at a later time. Any sales made from the pre launch notification list (who will get a few hours head start) will count.
4.) No spamming & No black hat nonsense. If we notice suspicious activity, like your links getting a TON of leads… but, no sales (eg. you get over 500 leads, and no sales) then clearly the traffic source is bringing the wrong audience to our offer. This will result in instant disqualification. It’s very important, because we don’t want thousands of unresponsive leads added to our list – that lowers our open rates, increases our spam complaints, and affects our email deliverability … which hurts all our MOBE partners. As long as you use legitimate marketing methods, you should be fine and not have to worry about this.
5.) No bulk buying: eg. you can’t get one person to order 5 copies of the product to try and get more sales … just one per customer please. The customer must also use their own credit card (unless special permission is given by Matt).
6.) For tracking, we go on last touch, with a slight tweak: if you’re link was the last link the customer clicked on before ordering, you get credit for the sale … except in the case, where that customer has already bought a MOBE product from another MOBE Licensee. Basically, our consultant compensation plan tags a buyer to the MOBE License who made them the first sale. We do this because it’s a fairer system: if you are the partner who gets a customer to buy, it’s not fair if you lose all the future commissions from that customer, simply because they clicked someone else’s link while browsing around (which is bound to happen).
7.) If you would like to form a team with a few other partners, you can – but, ALL the sales that count in that teams’ total, must be under one MOBE consultant’s account. You cannot just add sales of two or more separate Consultants together, with two separate accounts and have that count (otherwise it would not be fair). It is up to the team manager to pay their team members the commissions (once received from myself).
8.) If you’re going to promote a bonus, please don’t offer rebates or discounts. Doing so results in price wars – to see who can go the lowest. At the end of the day, the entire industry suffers – you lose your profit margins, and, if you can’t survive in business without those margins. As marketers, it’s better to focus on creating more value in your offer, then trying to make an offer more valuable by reducing price. One of those options has a future, the other doesn’t. Plus, with the work you put in, you deserve to get paid.
9.) A sale counts ONLY if actual money is received for the 7 Figure Freedom Formula Only Application and the sale is completed. A declined purchase does not count. AFTER THE 7 DAYS FOR ONLY $1, the additional $48 will be charged. All sales must fall within the competition date range to be counted. Duplicate sales will also only be counted once.
So before you question the total sales, please make sure you understand how we get your accurate totals.
10.) If there is a tie in sales, then we will go to the most MOBE revenue brought in per Consultant (for all MOBE products) during the contest dates
11) This CONTEST is available for all Consultants to promote. If you are a Silver, Gold, Titanium,  Platinum or Diamond consultant, your conversions will count toward your personal goals, however they will not qualify as contest points.

Questions? Comments?