$20,000 Contest for 17 Minutes Only! New Offer with HUGE Incentives for consultants!

Contest Ends in:

Hello MOBE Diamond Consultants!

It’s time for a NEW contest! And for this one, it’s for Diamond Consultants ONLY!

We are doing a brand new-front end offer that will change the industry and help even the newest of consultants get sales!

The Contest Dates:

The contest officially begins Wednesday August 17th at 12:00pm (noon) EDT and ends at 11:59pm EDT on Friday August 26th at 11:59pm EDT.

Here’s the Offer:

17 Min Only Logo Grey Horizontal

(Click Here to open in new window)

This is a completely new offer to the industry.

And with the back-end commissions we pay, this will be huge for all of our consultants.

So here’s how it works:

You send clients to the 17 Minutes Only page, and the clients can sign up for a completely FREE trial of the 21 steps for 7 days.

They will need to enter in their card details and they can cancel up until the 7 day point without being charged.

Once the order goes through for the Free Trial, the client meets with a coach, and starts into the 21 steps. Once the client sees the value of the program, they can then finish the training and the $49 price point will be charged on the 7th day.

We are using our new merchant account software (which was put into effect recently) to keep the decline rates as low as possible.  The current decline rate on our front-end offers like this is at the lowest it’s ever been.

Contest Scoring:

You will receive 1 point per unique sale per customer (see complete rules and details below). You receive the point AFTER the 7 day trial is up and the client pays the $49 charge for the 21 steps.

Here is what the pages look like:

Sales Letter and Order form (all-in-one):

17 minutes only screenshot 2

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The Commissions:

*NOTE: ONLY Diamond Consultants can only participate in the contest. So if you’re Silver, Gold, Titanium, or Platinum, you may promote the 17 minutes offer, but you do not qualify for the contest prizes.

How the Commissions and tagging works:

Once the client fills out the order form and starts the training, the lead is tagged and locked to you at that point. Once the 7-day trial period is up, you will then get $44.10 commission from the charge of the $49 price.

The commissions will be the same as they are for the 21 Steps program. When the client starts 17 Minutes Only, there will be a 7 day trial period of the 21 Steps, and after they continue with their training, they can advance through the typical ascension model:

  • $44.10 Commission for 21 Steps (after 7 day trial)
  • $1,250 Commission for Silver Masterclass
  • $2,500 Commission for Gold Masterclass
  • $3,300 Commission for Titanium Mastermind
  • $5,500 Commission for Platinum Mastermind
  • $10,000 Commission for Diamond Mastermind


 The Contest Prizes:

Here are the other prizes for the top 10 in sales! (see official rules at the bottom of page for minimum sales requirements)




4th prize






10th Prize

These “luxurious” steak knives

steak knives

How To Get Your Links To Promote:

Here is your Affiliate Link for 17 Minutes Only:

Default Sales Letter/Order Page Hybrid:

Just add your unique Affiliate ID number on the end where it reads “xxxxx” to promote. Remember to always check you link is working before placing in ads!

You will be able to find your affiliate links in Has Offers under offer code “1631” or by searching “17 Minutes” in the Offer search field.

17 minutes HO search


Some Advice For Doing Well:

With this offer having a FREE trial on the front-end, you can try multiple traffic sources.

Some ideas may be:

  • Solo Ads (this offer will be completely new to Solo Ad vendors
  • PPC
  • Facebook Ads PPC
  • Banner Ads
  • Ad Swaps

Since this contest will only be for DIAMOND Consultants, your chances of placing in the contest is better than ever!

So, do not make the mistake of thinking you have no chance of winning if you’re new. Most people seriously overestimate the number of sales they need to get in to the Top 10. Take it from the guy who sees all the numbers:  it’s less than you think. Check out the results of the last funnel launch of Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle for details.

Solo Ads:

You can send out a solo ad like this:

********** EMAIL SWIPE COPY 1**********

Subject:  The most impactful 17 minutes of your day (video)


If your inbox is like mine, you’ll getting hit up at least 10 times a day from different marketing gurus to watch their latest sales videos.

And I know that in most cases, you get some ridiculously over-the-top promise in the video, only to be asked at the end
to take out your credit card and buy something.

This is different. {LINK}

At the end, you won’t be asked to pay more money.

Instead you’l be invited to get started, and immediately begin going though the training.

The video goes for 17 minutes. It’s fast, pulls no punches, and explains exactly what you’ll be doing.

If you’re truly serious about getting your online business started, watch this video and then follow the steps at the end: {{{LINK}}}

Speak soon,


********** EMAIL SWIPE COPY 2**********

Subject: Bait and switch offers in internet marketing…

By far, the number one complaint I hear from people online is they get pummeled with different make-money-online
offers which promise the world for free… only to be disappointed when they ask for payment at the end.

I saw one of these myself the other day. It said, ‘no credit card required’ right there on the sales page, and then at the
end lo and behold, an order form appeared for $197.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with paying for good training, but when they outright lie about it being free, I get annoyed.


It does promise a lot, but it delivers. At the end you can get started for free, as long as you meet the qualification requirements.

They are not hard to meet; you just need to be willing to invest at least 30 minutes a day into the training, work with your personally
assigned coach, and take this training seriously.

I’d estimate that at least 75% of people reading this right now will qualify. To find out if you’re one of them, go here and watch:


Speak soon,


********** EMAIL SWIPE COPY 3**********

Subject: Mr Kroc’s wisdom


When Ray Kroc started building the McDonald’s empire in 1956, he never thought of himself
as being in the hamburger business.

To him, it was not the hamburgers which were his product; it was the systems he created that would sell
the hamburgers.

These systems (or what you might call the ‘business blueprint’) consisted of detailed procedures, duplicatable processes, and
accompanying training that made running the McDonalds business as easy as possible.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success with a McDonalds franchise, but it does mean you have a much higher likelihood of
succeeding than if you try to start a hamburger business yourself from scratch.

Today, if you want to buy a McDonalds you’re looking at an investment of close to $1m or more, depending on where it’s located.

And so far, a lot of people have bought in.

Did you know there’s over 30,000 McDonalds outlets around the world today? (at close to $1m each, you do the math on that)

Many are in America, but they’re also all over Asia, Europe, Australia…

In fact, the famous Golden arches logo is more recognized across the planet than the symbol of christ!

When you think about it, McDonalds as a company are in the high-ticket sales business.

Each time they sell a unit, they’re bringing in close to 7 figures.

In the online marketing world, you can also be in the high-ticket sales business.

And you should be too.

It’s far easier to find a few high-paying customers to create an annual 6 figure per year income, than trying to sell dirt cheap products for
$10 or less to the masses.

Personally, I’d rather make $10,000 from making one sale online, instead of trying to find 1,000 people who will pay $10 for an ebook for the same amount of money.

Now is it harder to get a $10,000 sale than a $10 sale?

Of course it is.

But is it 1,000 times harder?

Not even close.

As long as you have the right system and training in place, getting paid up to $10,000 on each deal you do is very doable.

And if you’d like to learn how, watch this short video: [LINK]

Once you get started, you’ll be assigned your own personal coach who’ll show you everything you need to know.

Speak soon,


********** EMAIL SWIPE COPY 4**********

Subject: The most in-depth training program on how to make money online today…


If you go to Clickbank or do a quick Google search for different make money online programs, be prepared to be overwhelmed.

There are literally over 10,000 courses and books on this topic.

And even though I haven’t seen them all; I’ve seen a lot of them. Most of them let you down. Not because their training isn’t good,
but because in many cases it’s incomplete. Instead of bringing you clarity, it ends up confusing you even more.

This is where most training products go wrong:

1.) You don’t get to talk to a real person when you take the training

When you’re sitting behind your computer going through a course, you’re going to have questions.

And there’s nothing worse than not being able to understand something you paid good money for, and having no one to speak to for further

If you have to go search for answers on Google, then you’re right back where you started; getting presented too much information you can’t
make sense of, and feeling overwhelmed.

2.) Everything is presented all at once

Think back to when you first went to school. Were you immediately presented with 10 or more years of lessons and textbooks at one time?

Of course not, that’d be ridiculous.

You were presented with one lesson at a time.

You had a teacher (I hope) who made sure you understood the current lesson before you were shown the next more advanced lesson.

This way you could understand the foundational concepts before learning the more advanced ones.

Here’s the thing; most people are not great self learners. If you present them with too many videos and lessons in one go, they get overwhelmed and confused.

They don’t know where to start, so often they are just paralyzed and remain stuck.

Because they are not getting any sense of progress along the way, they give up quickly.

Most online courses are like this. You pay the money, get some login details, and are then left to try and make sense of all the training.

In my opinion, the online marketing education world needs a huge shake.

We need to look at the most advanced learning techniques and apply them to our world, so the average person can make sense of all the
lessons and actually get results.

Information should not be presented all in one go; it should be presented in a way where the student can make sense of basic things first, because
being shown more advanced lessons.

3.) They don’t have a proven track record of success (how many people have taken the training, and got results with it?)

If you’re seeing the same generic testimonials for whatever course you’re buying on the sales page, that’s a good clue their training is outdated.

Personally I measure the effectiveness of a training program by how many success stories they’ve created, and how many of them are recent.

When it comes to business, universities like Harvard and Stanford are clearly effective training grounds; they are constantly churning out graduates who
go on to become titans in business and build enormous company’s.

The very best online training programs have also helped create many famous internet marketing gurus, and continue to do so.

4.) They want a lot of money upfront before you get to see any of the proper training

The best online training programs are the ones where the creator is able to make money on the success of the client’s who implement the training.

That way, they have a vested interest in seeing the clients do well, and, can charge less money upfront for access to the training. They earn their profits
when the clients also start earning.


In all of my searching, I’ve come across one truly great training program which covers all 4 of the above points.

With this one:

– you do get to talk to a real person (not just some sales rep, but a real coach who knows what they’re talking about)

– the training is presented one module at a time, so you’re learning in bite sized chunks of information rather than getting completely overwhelmed the first time you login

– the clients who’ve taken the training do have a proven track record of success. Over the past 4 years alone, they’ve been able to make a combined total of $67 million.

– you don’t need a lot of money to get started with the training. You can take the training for free.

All you have to do is watch this 17 minute video {{{LINK}}}}, and then apply at the end of it.

Take my word for it – I’ve been through this training and it really does give you everything you need to start earning online.

Speak soon,


********** EMAIL SWIPE COPY 5**********

Subject: The solution to all your traffic “problems”

The top 85 people on the planet (a few facts about wealth distribution)


I heard an interesting fact the other day.

There’s 7.2 billion people on the planet today, with a combined wealth of about $241 Trillion dollars.

If you took those 7.2 billion people, lined them up from the very poorest of the poor on one side, to the
richest of the rich on the other side, the top 85 would have has much as the rest of the population

Isn’t it that amazing?

A lot of people think this is unfair, and that these few super-rich individuals should redistribute some of their
wealth back to the rest.

Personally, what I’m more interested in knowing is how these super-rich individuals got to be in that position.

Sure, some of them may have inherited large sums of money; there’s not much I want to learn from them.

But the ones who made their billions from scratch – who built their empires from the ground up – those are the people
I’m interested in studying.

The one thing they all have in common is they did not create their wealth through trading time for money.

Instead, they created and leveraged scalable systems, which bought in their wealth for them (even while they were sleeping).

So there’s a hint for you.

What scalable system are you leveraging right now to create wealth?

If you’re still trading time for money, then by now you’ve figured out that’s never going to make you rich.

Here’s a scalable system which potentially can:

Short 17 minute video. {LINK}

In the video, you’ll learn about a system you can start using to generate online commissions of $1,250, and right up to $10,000 per sale.

The $1,250 ones will be much more frequent than the 10k ones. But to generate any of them won’t require you to get on the
phone and sell – the system will take care of that for you.

See it here. {LINK}

Talk soon,


Good luck! I look forward to seeing your results and paying out these prizes.

Talk soon,


matt nice image 1

1.) The Contest officially begins Wednesday August 17th at 12:00 pm (noon) EDT and goes through Friday August 26th at 11:59 EDT. Leaderboards will be announced about once every day…  Look for updates in the Diamond Mastermind Facebook group, on the sidebar here at MOBEAffiliateSupport.com, and/or via email.
2.) Partners will receive cash value rather than actual prizes. All cash values are in USD, and will be paid out to eWallet in 7-14 days after the contest to account for the 7-day trial period for this offer. The hard good values are: Grand Prize: $7,000 / 2nd Place: $4,000 / 3rd place: $3,000 / 4th place: $2,500 / 5th place: $1,250 / 6th place: $750 / 7th place: $500 / 8th place: $300 / 9th place: $200 / 10th place: a set of steak knives.
3.) You must generate a minimum number of sales in order to qualify for contest prizes. The number of sales needed for each prize is as follows: 1st place – 40 sales, 2nd place – 35 sales, 3rd place – 30 sales, 4th place – 28 sales, 5th place – 25 sales, 6th place – 20 sales, 7th place – 15 sales, 8th place – 10 sales, 9th place – 8 sales, 10th – 5 sales. Your own purchase of 17 Minutes Only does not count towards your total sales (eg. you can’t buy through your own affiliate link as your sponsor will get the credit). We may decrease the minimum requirements needed for prizes based on the pace, but we will not increase the minimum requirements.
**Also,  All your buyers MUST purchase directly though your affiliate link, i.e. you can NOT buy for them and add them to your back office at a later time. Any sales made from the pre launch notification list (who will get a few hours head start) will count.
4.) No spamming & No black hat nonsense. If we notice suspicious activity, like your links getting a TON of leads… but, no sales (eg. you get over 500 leads, and no sales) then clearly the traffic source is bringing the wrong audience to our offer. This will result in instant disqualification. It’s very important, because we don’t want thousands of unresponsive leads added to our list – that lowers our open rates, increases our spam complaints, and affects our email deliverability… which hurts all our MOBE partners. As long as you use legitimate marketing methods, you should be fine and not have to worry about this.
5.) No bulk buying: eg. you can’t get one person to order 5 copies of the product to try and get more sales … just one per customer please. The customer must also use their own credit card (unless special permission is given by Matt).
6.) For tracking, we go on last touch, with a slight tweak: if you’re link was the last link the customer clicked on before ordering, you get credit for the sale… except in the case, where that customer has already bought a MOBE product from another MOBE Licensee. Basically, our affiliate compensation plan tags a buyer to the MOBE Licensee who made them the first sale. We do this because it’s a fairer system: if you are the partner who gets a customer to buy, it’s not fair if you lose all the future commissions from that customer, simply because they clicked someone else’s link while browsing around (which is bound to happen).
7.) If you would like to form a team with a few other partners, you can – but, ALL the sales that count in that teams’ total, must be under one MOBE consultant’s account. You cannot just add sales of two or more separate Consultants together, with two separate accounts and have that count (otherwise it would not be fair). It is up to the team manager to pay their team members the commissions (once received from myself).
8.) If you’re going to promote a bonus, please don’t offer rebates or discounts. Doing so results in price wars – to see who can go the lowest. At the end of the day, the entire industry suffers – you lose your profit margins, and, if you can’t survive in business without those margins. As marketers, it’s better to focus on creating more value in your offer, then trying to make an offer more valuable by reducing price. One of those options has a future, the other doesn’t. Plus, with the work you put in, you deserve to get paid.
9.) A sale counts ONLY if actual money is received for the 17 Minutes Only Application and the sale is completed AFTER THE 7 DAY TRIAL PERIOD. A declined purchase does not count. Sales that cancel before the 7 Day trial period that do not result in a $49 sale will not count.  All sales must fall within the competition date range to be counted. Duplicate sales will also only be counted once.
So before you question the total sales, please make sure you understand how we get your accurate totals.
10.) If there is a tie in sales, then we will go to the most MOBE revenue brought in per Consultant (for all MOBE products) during the contest dates
11) This CONTEST is only available for Diamond Consultants to promote. If you are a Silver, Gold, Titanium, or Platinum consultant, your conversions will count toward your personal goals, however they will not qualify as contest points.

Questions? Comments?